Posh Concept Mannequins: Meeting the Diverse Mannequin Needs of Fashion Brands with Outstanding Blow Molding Technology

Mannequins play a crucial role in window display design. They not only showcase the wearing effects of clothing in an intuitive and three-dimensional way but also build brand image, stimulate customer interest, and spark imagination and curiosity, thereby promoting sales. However, traditional fiberglass mannequins tend to release formaldehyde during use, affecting the air quality in […]


The Global Leader in recyclable and sustainable Blow Molding Mannequins, the first Choice for International Fashion Chain Brands—Posh Concept Mannequins

Posh Concept Mannequins was established in 2012, Being a subsidiary of Cosmos Machinery Enterprises Limited, a listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx). Since its inception, the company has been specializing in the research, design, production, and sales of recyclable and sustainable blow molding mannequins. Posh Concept Mannequins has accumulated over 20 years […]


Verify by Intertek

Verify by Intertek In order to meet the requirements of developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan for resource recycling and sustainable development, the factory has passed the green leaf certification and obtained the certificate. “Intertek green leaf logo – statement of recycled ingredients” is to help enterprises establish a green and environmental image, […]


Types of Window Display and How to Choose Mannequins for the Clothing Store

A well-design display window with a high-quality mannequin to showcase your clothes can draw in a large number of potential customers.


Tips on How to Dress a Mannequin Effectively

Dressing a mannequin can be very challenging. Here are some tips which can save you a lot of time and effort.


Five Essential Things to Consider Before Choosing A Display Mannequin

The selection of mannequins will make a huge difference not only for your clients and revenue potential, but for your business.

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