Types of Window Display and How to Choose Mannequins for the Clothing Store


Whether your store is open or not, the display window in your store is an essential catalyst for communication between you and your customers. Using mannequins is an effective way to display the window because they help to convey your personal feelings and taste to your potential customers. People can be more easily identifying the style and personality of the store if they have something visual like a dress-up mannequin to connect with them. So, it is important to have a window display and tangible items that accompany the overall setting.


Types of window display

There are many different types of window displays for a clothing store. The types to display depend on your store, as each brand have a different focus and method. There mainly are 7 types of window displays: closed, semi-closed, open, elevated, corner, island and shaded boxes. In the following part, we are going to explain the five most common forms everyone meets in daily life.


Open window display

An open window display is covered by a large clear glass in a shop. The advantage of it is that people can see the shop and clothing from outside. From the perspective of the touch point, the more clothing is seen by potential customers, the more likely they will purchase.

PC Mannequin

Closed window display

It has large glass panels on the front and walls behind. Customers only see the clothing displayed in the window, but cannot see the clothing in the store through the window. Although the type of window display does not allow customers to see through, it creates an environment where customers can focus on the displaying clothes only. For example, if that is the main selling items of the season, it is reasonable to apply such a display.


Island window display

An island window display is commonly found in large departments and flagship stores, where store owners have a large room to fill, but also want to create a feeling of focusing on the latest products or promotions. It separates from the connection to the wall of the store, and create a single focal point for the selling products.


Semi-closed window display

It has large glass panels in the front and is half covered behind so that some parts of the store are visible. It is a combination of an open window and closed window display. Generally speaking, this type of window display consists of a partial screen or graphics display that covers most of the window – but not the entire.


Corner window display

Established in the corner of the store, a corner window display allows people to see the product from both sides. Store owners can create a sense of continuity as people walk around inside or outside the store.

PC Mannequin

Mannequin—the necessity of all display windows

No matter what style your clothing store is, it is necessary to place a decent mannequin in it for the reason that it can display emotion in your store or display window. In most cases, you should focus on conveying the sense of movement. Body language can be easily imitated to portray a feeling or situation. If you are selling children’s clothing, you can use children’s fashion mannequins. For instance, create a situation where a little boy mannequin provides a bouquet of flowers for a little girl mannequin. She can raise her head, her hands on the back, and one foot slightly inward. This is such a cute scene that draws the attention of parents shopping in the store. The little girl is shy, and it’s easy to imagine that she will move to that position when she is offered the bouquet. This is really what you want to focus on. It is easy for passengers to imagine events that lead to any pose you choose.


In terms of style, you might as well choose the mannequin that best emphasizes the characteristics of your clothing store. For example, elegant poses and slender mannequins are good choices for boutiques. Moreover, it is recommended that sports shops use mannequins in dynamic poses that mimic sports, such as the poses of running or exercising.


Chain stores that provide clothing for different age groups, genders, and scales should select a human body mannequin that corresponds to the shape of their target customer group. That’s why in these stores you can see not only standard mannequins, but also one for children’s clothing, the large size fashion and the elder clothing.


When it comes to the material used for producing the mannequins, Posh Concept mannequins are professional among all because of the superior materials we use in manufacturing our products. Firstly, the materials used in PC mannequin are more environmentally friendly because they are recyclable. Secondly, PC mannequin has a more prominent quality and is less susceptible to break. Undeniably, it is more scratch-resistant and has a greater life cycle.


In a nutshell, a well-design display window with a high-quality mannequin to showcase your clothes can draw in a large number of potential customers. Whether or not you are considering to increase the traffic of your store, this display solution should be the one to choose to enhance the store visual appeal.



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