Tips on How to Dress a Mannequin Effectively


If you ever dressed a mannequin, you know how challenging it could be. We all regard it as a piece of cake at the very beginning; however, it is not the case when we dress. The jeans don’t “slide up” the legs as we thought. Conversely, they are actually stuck at the calves. As for a long-sleeved shirt, well, it just wrinkles on the shoulders of the mannequins, because you don’t know how to put the arms in the sleeves. This is quite common if no one teaches us how to dress a mannequin. AS a matter of fact, there are some tips on the dressing technique which can save you a lot of time and effort.

PC Mannequin

Your first task is to make sure the quality of the mannequins you buy. It is commonplace for most store owners to change the dressing of the mannequins over and over again after a period of time. In this case, the mannequins could be broken if they are in poor quality. Then, how can we choose high-quality mannequins? Among all the material, like FRP mannequins, PC mannequins, ABS mannequins, PP mannequins, PE mannequins, PP mannequins, PE mannequins, PC mannequins are the best choice, exclusively produced by Posh Concept. PC mannequin can bring you four major benefits as follows. First, it is light in weight, which makes it convenient for you to place it from one place to another. Secondly, it has a longer service life because it is not easy to be scratched and broken. Moreover, the non-toxic material does no harm to the environment as it can be recycled. Last but not least, it can achieve a transparent or semi-transparent style with vibrant color.


Now, let’s take a look at some steps on how to dress the mannequin in different clothes. Following these steps is not only quick and efficient for us, but also reduces damage to the dummy.



  • Remove the mannequin from the human base
  • Put the mannequin on the ground or use the assisting tools to lift it up
  • Take off the detachable leg
  • Slide the pants up on the detached leg
  • Start to slide the pant onto the still-attached leg while the detached leg in the pant
  • Once the trousers are mostly on two legs, reconnect the separate mannequin legs
  • Keep pulling up pants and buttons
  • Put the mannequin back to the base



  • Remove arms from the mannequin and set them aside
  • Put the T-shirt over the head and shoulders of the mannequin
  • Roll up the T-shirt sleeves and reconnect the mannequin arm through the T-shirt armhole


Long-sleeved shirt

  • Take the arms from the mannequin and set them aside
  • Slide the long-sleeved shirt over the head and shoulders of the mannequin
  • Pass the arm of the mannequin through the collar of the shirt
  • Reconnect the arms

PC Mannequin


  • Take your arms from the mannequin and set them aside
  • Put the first layer onto the mannequin and pull over the shoulders and torso
  • Add a second layer on the first layer in the same way as adding the first layer
  • If there is a long-sleeved shirt of the layer, pull the arm of the first layer over the arm of the second layer
  • Reconnect the model arms and pass them through the collar of the bottom shirt – first the hand – then slide the arm down onto the sleeve of the shirt



  • Take your arms out of the mannequin and set aside
  • Slide the dress over the head of the mannequin and pull it over the shoulder, torso and hips
  • Reconnect the arm of the mannequin


Extra modeling skills

  • Match accessories! Hats, scarf, necklaces, bracelets, scarves and belts all help to look more beautiful. Dress the mannequin like a real person.
  • Use a binder clip to fit your clothes! Pins can also help with more subtle adjustments, just make sure they don’t damage the clothes.
  • Remember to iron or steam all clothing before placing them on the mannequin. Put the labels in an inconspicuous location. Or the labels will affect the look on the mannequin.
  • The style of the clothes on all the mannequins should be in harmony.


If you are looking for some high-quality mannequins to eliminate all those dressing up issues, PC mannequin can fulfill your requirements. With yeas of experiences in manufacturing superior products, Posh Concept can bring efficiency to your team, and beautifulness to your clothes displays.

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