Posh Concept Mannequins: Meeting the Diverse Mannequin Needs of Fashion Brands with Outstanding Blow Molding Technology


Mannequins play a crucial role in window display design. They not only showcase the wearing effects of clothing in an intuitive and three-dimensional way but also build brand image, stimulate customer interest, and spark imagination and curiosity, thereby promoting sales.

However, traditional fiberglass mannequins tend to release formaldehyde during use, affecting the air quality in stores and posing a potential threat to the health of staff and customers.

Moreover, during the process of trying on and changing clothes, mannequins are prone to wear, paint peeling, and even breaking, severely impacting the overall display effect of the store and increasing usage costs. In contrast, solid-colored PP eco-friendly mannequins can effectively avoid these problems.

Founded in 2012, Posh Concept Mannequins Co., Ltd. has been specializing in the R&D, design, production, and sales of eco-friendly blow-molded mannequins. They now offer a series of eco-friendly mannequins made from PC, ABS, and PP/PE materials.

Since its establishment, Posh Concept Mannequins has continuously focused on the R&D and improvement of eco-friendly mannequins, possessing advanced professional technology and rich practical experience. It has now become the choice of many well-known fashion brands worldwide, capable of meeting various brands’ needs for high-quality mannequins.

In the current era of technology-driven economy and increasing awareness of environmental protection, Posh Concept Mannequins deeply recognizes that only by promoting green production can we achieve sustainable development.

Therefore, Posh Concept Mannequins is actively exploring more environmentally friendly mannequin manufacturing methods, aiming to reduce resource consumption and environmental pollution. We believe that only through continuous innovation and effort can we truly achieve green development and create more value for society.

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