Christmas Campaign of Peek & Cloppenburg, Düsseldorf – Germany




Just in time for the season, Peek & Cloppenburg is ushering in the festive time of year with a comprehensive Christmas campaign: The motto of this year’s shop window and in-store concept is “IT’S A BIG CHRISTMAS!”




Typical Christmas treats such as candy canes, Christmas crackers and gingerbread as well as an array of decorations including Christmas baubles, nutcrackers and fairy lights help create a festive ambience as extra-large elements displayed in the shop windows and retail spaces.




Since mistletoe should never miss in a Christmas setting, two mannequins are seen kissing in the shop window to symbolise the traditional custom. Oversized images of ribbons, bows and wrapping paper form the backs of the shop windows, thus creating the perfect backdrop for all kinds of wintry and festive outfits.



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