Boutique Display Mannequins: 4 Reasons Why You Should Get Some for Your Store


Are you still wondering whether to buy some boutique mannequins?

Display Mannequins

If you are a store owner, this is one of the thoughts that must have crossed your mind at one point or the other. Instead of convincing you based on sentiments, we have one better: show you why you need these display mannequins in your store.

1 They improve sales

A research on the impact of boutique display mannequins shows that using them in your store could boost sales by as much as 10-35%, and that speaking of the average.

Although you would not consider having them for one reason or another, isn’t this enough to tell you that they make a great value for money?

2 They improve appeal

It is one thing to see a jacket lying flat on a rack or standing from a wall hanger, but it is another thing to have a glimpse of how the same jacket would look on you. The latter is how mannequins can benefit your business.

Coming in different forms and styles, these boutique mannequins let your customers have a 3-dimensional view of the apparels they are checking out. Then, they can have an idea of how much they believe the garment will fit them, and how it looks on them from different angles too.

3 They promote upselling chances

Say, one part of your store is dedicated to jackets, another to caps and another to gloves, or trousers, so to speak. Without mannequins, it is easier for customers to come in, pick one of the items you are selling and go on their way. However, dressing up a mannequin in a complete ensemble will create the kind of appeal a customer wants, driving them to buy the whole outfit.

What you have simply done is upsell such a customer without having to say much. After all, they have seen how everything looks in combination with one another, making it easier to evoke the kind of emotional response that would lead to a purchase.

PC Mannequins

4 They improve store appearance

Properly placed and arranged in your store, mannequins could be an essential piece of décor on their own.

See it as placing a series of well-dressed, mute models around the store to liven the place up a little. Given the natural tendency of people to go for the best (which is most times a thing of perceptions), it won’t take long to have your store among one of the best (or the very best) in the area and beyond.


It is a rule of fashion merchandising that “the better it is displayed, the better it will sell.” Therefore, don’t forget to invest in a boutique mannequin or two when getting your store display together. Mannequins can really liven up your display and take your storefront to the next level.

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